HDR Supervision


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

*Julianne Abood – University of Western Sydney PhD Candidate, Towards transformation: Understanding the impacts of the migration process on changing male gender norms in CALD communities in Australia (Dr Tinashe Dune, Prof Pranee Liamputtong & Om Dhungel)

*Michael O’Dwyer – Western Sydney Univerity PhD Candidate, Sexual and reproductive health information and services-seeking behaviour by Western Sydney Adolescents (Dr Tinashe Dune, Dr John Bidewell & Prof Pranee Liamputtong)

*Bronwyn Russo – Western Sydney Univerity PhD Candidate, Occupational Therapy, Pedagogy and Practice in Relation to Client Sexuality (Dr Tinashe Dune & Dr Rosalind Bye)

*Shahrzad Rahimi-Naghani – Western Sydney University PhD Candidate, Cultural Attitudes toward Homosexuality and their Effects on Iranian Sexual Minorities, (Prof Pranee Liamputtong & Dr Tinashe Dune)

*Pattaroporn Moolchaem- Western Sydney University PhD Candidate, Lived Experiences, Health and Wellbeing among Thai Male-to-Female (MtF) Transgender Individuals in Australia, (Prof Pranee Liamputtong & Dr Tinashe Dune)

*Zelalem Birhanu – Western Sydney University: Providing Sexual and Reproductive Health Care to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women in Australia: Health care Professionals’ Perspectives (Prof Janette Perz, Dr Tinashe Dune & Prof Jane Ussher) – International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

*Zewdneh Shewamene – Western Sydney University: Exploring maternal complementary and alternative medicine use among African migrant women in Sydney (Prof Caroline Smith & Dr Tinashe Dune) – International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

*Dr Md. Shahidul Islam – University of New England PhD Recipient, The Lived Experiences of HIV Positive Parents and Their Children in Bangladesh (Prof Victor Minichiello, Prof John Scott, Dr Siu Fung Chung & Dr Tinashe Dune)

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) / Master of Research (MRes)

*Jack Thepsourinthone – Western Sydney University: It’s a man’s world: An investigation of masculinity and internalised homophobia amongst homosexual men (Dr Tinashe Dune)

*Alex Workman – Western Sydney University: Violence, Gender & Discourse: How everyday language creates the heterosexual opinion on same-sex domestic violence (Dr Tinashe Dune)

*Tensae Mekonnen – Western Sydney University: Trends and determinants of reproductive health utilization by teenagers (Adolescents) in Ethiopia- Analysis of Ethiopian Demographic Health Surveys 2000, 2005 and 2011 Data (Dr Tinashe Dune & Prof Janette Perz)

*Fahimeh Eftekhari – Western Sydney University: Modelling maternal and child mortality in Afghanistan (Dr Kingsley Agho, Dr Tinashe Dune & Dr Amit Arora) 

*Mohit Tolani – Western Sydney University: Investigation of Oral Health Literacy within a caregivers’ context background, (Dr Amit Arora & Dr Tinashe Dune)

*Andrea Bolgers – University of New England Masters in Clinical Psychology Recipient, The subjective experience of gender and life in a cross-cultural sample of female-to-male transgendered people (A/Prof Gail Hawkes, Dr Amy Lykins, Dr Tiffany Jones, Dr Tinashe Dune & Dr Mitra Rashidian)

Masters Dissertation

*Michael O’Dwyer – Western Sydney University, Master of Public Health: Sexual and reproductive health information and services-seeking behaviour by Western Sydney Adolescents, (Dr Tinashe Dune & Dr John Bidewell)

*David Ayika – Western Sydney University, Master of Health Science: Effects of Immigration on Cultural and Family Values of Immigrants in Australia, (Dr Tinashe Dune)

*Mikiko Albiero – Western Sydney University, Master of Health Science: Gathering Community Perspective to Critique and Improve Utilisation and Access to a Community Park in the Sutherland Shire, (Dr Tinashe Dune, Dr Freya Macmillan & Ms Nicole Peel)

Honours Thesis

*Ryan Romero – Western Sydney University: Podiatric Medicine, Comprehensive scoping of Indigenous foot care services (Dr Stefania Penkala, Dr Steven Walmsley & Dr Tinashe Dune)

Undergraduate Research Project

*Annalise Vaovasa – 3rd Year Medical Science student enrolled in Advanced Science Research Project A (Autumn 2015), The Construction of LGBTIQ and sexual diversity within Polynesian Culture