Teaching (Units and Excellence)

  • Coordinate, prepare and deliver relevant units, including feedback and assessment and management of teaching staff
    • Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice (2013)
    • Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care (coordination 2013 & 2014)
    • Culture, Diversity and Health (coordination since 2014)
    • Communication in Health (2013, 2015, 2016)
    • Dissertation (2015 – 2016)
    • Research Project (2015 – 2016)
  • Curriculum development of contemporary undergraduate and postgraduate units and programs
    • Culture, Diversity and Health (since 2014)
    • Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care (2013 & 2014)
    • Communication in Health (2015 – 2016)
    • Dissertation (since 2015)
    • Research Project (2015)
  • Contribute to curriculum development within the School of Science and Health and other University departments
    • Guest Lecturer for Honours Research Design and Methodology on Qualitative and Mixed Methods (Since Autumn 2015) – School of Science and Health
    • Guest Lecturer for Medicine in Context Series on Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Health (since 2015) – School of Medicine
    • Presentation as an Expert on Sexual Function and Disability for Intensive Workshop Presentation for SEXH5404: Variations in Sexual Function, University of Sydney (May 2015)

Quality in Learning and Teaching (QiLT) – Design 4 Learning Video (9:16 mins):

“Extremely enthusiastic, very approachable and made the class feel good. Very entertaining and made this subject much more interesting. Loved attitude towards providing assistance both in and out of class. Very willing to help”. (SFT comment, Foundations of Research and Evidence Based Practice)

“Dr Dune was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and makes students comfortable to speak and express opinions. Her sense and use of humour also made students comfortable and enjoy the class”. (SFT comment, Communication in Health)

“Very very very friendly. I decide not to drop this unit because she is a very helpful person”. (SFT comment, Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care)

“Interacted with the class, moved around, did not just stand up the front and drone on”. (SFT comment, Culture Diversity and Health).

“Personal experiences made it more easily to relate to teacher and the lecture content”. (SFT comment, Culture Diversity and Health)

“the lecturer was excellent, classes were insightful, interesting and engaging, there were great examples in class to help understand the content, and it showed that a lot of work was put in to ensure the information was presented as desired” (SFT comment, Culture Diversity and Health).

“This has been the best experience of learning at UWS Campelltown, lectures gave us passion, energy and most of all good knowledge that stays with us, not just another passing unit”. (SFT comment, Culture Diversity and Health)

“An exceptional lecturer. Perfect in every way. Delivery of the lecture, listened to the students and provided helpful and important information was all valuable to the students’ learning experience”. (SFT comment, Culture Diversity and Health)

“These lectures were extremely engaging and informative. I feel that I have changed, for the better, because of them”. (SFT comment, Culture Diversity and Health)

“The class had a positive impact on how I perceive others out[side] of class and it showed me to be positive and understanding of other people’s situations”. (SFT comment, Culture Diversity and Health)

“Enthusiasm was great. Was the most enthusiastic lecturer I have seen at UWS. Very friendly to the group and individuals. Good balance of theory and activities during lecture to maintain interest”. (SFT comment, Honours Research Design and Methodology)

 “Teacher most certainly lived up to the UWS motto of bring[ing] knowledge to life she was effectively able to relate all lecture information to real world examples which facilitated deeper understanding of the material and added value to what was taught. She is a fantastic down to earth person”. (SFT comment, Culture Diversity and Health)

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