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Group Yoga

The practice of yoga originated in India around five thousand years ago, and is a form of exercise and spiritual practice which centres around a series of poses and methods of meditation which supports physical and mental wellbeing. Key elements include asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises) and mindfulness meditation.

Dr Dune is a trained yoga teacher who leads group classes using Yin, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga styles. Community yoga and meditation classes can be practised by people with many different motivations – whether that’s a desire to cope better with the stress in their lives, build their physical strength and flexibility or simply as a means meeting new people. Yoga in itself can be hugely effective in helping people improve their health and wellbeing, and as a mind-body practice can help people achieve a greater sense of calm, better health and increased self-esteem.

Group yoga is a great idea for corporate retreats, staff wellbeing programs, family reunions, bachelorette weekends and more. Doing yoga in a group of your peers and colleagues can help boost teamwork, improve motivation, support mental flexibility, encourage stress management, increase group synergy, maintain focus on tasks and improve group energy and individual confidence.

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Therapeutic Yoga

Drawing on her clinical psychology knowledge and yoga teaching experience, Dr Dune integrates yoga and mindfulness with scientific research into effective mind-body practices. This approach to therapeutic yoga offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge and compassionate approach to supporting health. Dr Dune approaches therapeutic yoga by listening to clients in order to form a full picture of the symptoms that trouble them, identifying the most appropriate yogic methods (often in conjunction with other pharmaceutical and therapeutic treatments) to manage these symptoms.

While yoga is a healthy pursuit that can benefit it’s practitioners in its general form, yoga for therapy is an evolving field which focuses on using evidence-based yogic practices in the treatment of specific health conditions (mental and physical). As a therapeutic practice, yoga therapy aims to bridge the world’s of yoga and healthcare, and can be applied both as a form of physical therapy (for example, in relieving back pain, managing obesity and diabetes) and as a mental health support (for instance, as an adjunct treatment for PTSD, BPD, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD etc).

While yoga for therapy can be used in a group setting, the experience of a client seeking the help of a yoga therapist will be distinct from that they would find in a general yoga class. Therapeutic yoga aims to treat the whole person by taking an individualised approach, with each course designed around a client’s specific needs, looking to address the root cause of their health issues and guide them on a path to restored wellbeing. While relieving a client’s symptoms is a primary aim, yoga therapy also looks to address the root cause of their illness, and provide a sustainable way to manage it.

Given the individualised focus of therapeutic yoga and the use of movement to support clinical psychology clients may be eligible for a Medicare Rebate. Contact Dr Dune to book an individual or small group therapeutic yoga session.

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